Tool Details


CMake is a cross-platform, open-source build system. CMake is a family of tools designed to build, test and package software.

programming tool software package build system OS Support OS X: True Windows: True Linux: True Web-based: False Provenance Capture: False Representation: True Descriptive-Only: False Executable: True Note: Makefiles can be used as an executable representation for the experiment. Replicability: True Note: Given a makefile, a user can re-execute the experiment. Modifiability: True Note: Modifiability can be achieved by using makefiles. Portability: Low Note: Makefiles can be re-compiled in the same machine to reproduce experiment findings, but portability to other environments cannot be automatically guaranteed without extra work, e.g., unless the user defines explicit commands to be executed in different operating systems and hardware architectures. Longevity: False Document linkage: False Experiment sharing: False