Tool Details


In the DEEP (Documents with Embedded Execution and Provenance) environment, a document is represented in HTML format with inline document linkage: the document is composed of “activity regions”, which are the active and executable parts of the document that can be triggered by user input. The DEEP server is responsible to maintain all the resources and to initiate the execution engine for the activity regions.

executable document OS Support OS X: False Windows: False Linux: False Web-based: False Note: Not clear which operating systems the tool supports. Provenance Capture: True OS-Based: False Code-Based: False Workflow-Based: True Data-Based: False Note: DEEP tracks the provenance of the dynamic contents of the document, although it is not attached to a workflow engine. Representation: False Replicability: True Modifiability: True Portability: High Longevity: False Document linkage: True By Reference: False Inline: True Experiment sharing: True Archival: False Hosted Execution: True