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Kepler is designed to help scienĀ­tists, analysts, and computer programmers create, execute, and share models and analyses across a broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines. Kepler can operate on data stored in a variety of formats, locally and over the internet, and is an effective environment for integrating disparate software components, such as merging "R" scripts with compiled "C" code, or facilitating remote, distributed execution of models.

workflow system OS Support OS X: True Windows: True Linux: True Web-based: False Provenance Capture: True OS-Based: False Code-Based: False Workflow-Based: True Data-Based: False Representation: True Descriptive-Only: False Executable: True Replicability: True Modifiability: True Portability: Low Longevity: True Archiving: False Upgrading: True Note: Kepler provides a fault-tolerance mechanism that signals and tries to repair errors through user-defined expressions and alternate computation paths: if the primary computational branch fails, user-defined alternates can be automatically executed (more info: Document linkage: False Experiment sharing: False