Tool Details


A scientific workflow system implemented on top of Windows Workflow Foundation, currenly working only on Windows operating systems. The tool provides support for workflow evolution, where scientists can trace their research and associated results through time, being able to reproduce the findings.

Source code:
workflow system silverlight OS Support OS X: False Windows: True Linux: False Web-based: True Provenance Capture: True OS-Based: False Code-Based: False Workflow-Based: True Data-Based: False Representation: True Descriptive-Only: False Executable: True Replicability: True Modifiability: True Portability: Low Note: Low portability for the desktop application, and high portability for the Web-based application (requires Silverlight). Longevity: False Document linkage: False Experiment sharing: True Archival: False Hosted Execution: False Note: Trident can also access, share and download workflows from myExperiment, supporting archival.